Laurie Flasko

Laurie Flasko, CSP, CEC works with organizations who want to WOW their customers, build strong teams and create cultures where people love to work. Laurie has been providing innovative business solutions to her clients for more than twenty years and has helped companies build service cultures that deliver outstanding business results. Laurie Flasko, CSP, CEC, is a sought-after trainer, team builder, executive coach, keynote speaker and an expert in customer experience. She promotes kindness as a strategic competitive advantage. She has worked with a wide range of organizations from hospitality, to education including brands such as Brock University, Durham College and Ontario Tech University, Saskatchewan Healthcare Employees’ Pension Plan, White Oaks Conference Resort & Spa, Henry Schein, Samsung, Scotiabank, General Motors, Walker Industries, Unilock, Niagara Region, Alectra Utilities to name a few.

She fosters cultures that empower employees and create customer advocates. Her customer service training programs have been recognized by the Ontario Chamber of Commerce. Her clients have achieved results such as #2 employer in Canada, numerous awards and recognition, increase in morale, and customer/and member satisfaction ratings. Laurie is a CSP, Certified Speaking Professional. This is the only earned designation for professional speakers and Laurie is one of 12 percent of the 5,000 + speakers worldwide, who currently hold this professional designation.

As an experienced keynote speaker, Laurie focuses on subjects such as The Kindness Advantage, Dare to be Kind – Transforming your Leadership, Creating the Customer Experience, Personal Effectiveness, and 5 Steps to Building Relationships, Communicating and Leading More Effectively (Using DISC Personality Types). We are committed to making learning available and assessable during this period of physical distancing. Whether that is through virtual keynotes, webinar series and or online training please let us discuss a customized option for you.



Programs with descriptions:

Dare to be Kind

The transformative approach to boosting workplace morale, productivity and customer satisfaction

What if you could...

  • Measurably boost employee morale by 20%?
  • Increase productivity so things get done, faster and better?
  • Skyrocket customer satisfaction so sales go through the roof?
  • Lead teams effectively with less conflict and more happy faces?
  • Create an environment where everyone is more engaged, smiles and laughs more often?

Those may seem like lofty goals. But they’re achievable for people and organizations that embrace The Kindness Advantage. Kindness is doing something for others and expecting nothing in return. It’s a simple concept — but transformative.

Today, in a world of unprecedented change, busyness, and stress, success is often measured by the sale or income statement. Successful organizations that actively and intentionally practice kindness: retain their top talent, engage and motivate employees and continue to obtain new, loyal customers.   Kindness is their secret weapon. Do you want to learn more?


Do Your Customers Love You?

Creating the Customer Experience

Your customers, have greater expectations than ever before. In today’s competitive market, the need to deliver exceptional customer service is vital in order to differentiate your company from your competitors. Concentrating the 4 customer needs your team will build customer relationships, increase loyalty and the overall experience. 

  • What is all of the experience talk?
  • The Service Attitude
  • The Four Customer Needs
  • Creating the WOW experience


5 Steps to building relationships, communicating and leading more effectively

DISC Peronsality Types

The most successful leaders are self-aware. These leaders reflect and make choices to be more effective and adjust their styles - either naturally or by choice - to meet the demands of the diverse roles they must play.  Generally, people have predictable patterns of behavior. Whether leading a team or interacting with your clients,  being able to adapt your personality style effectively will result in improved communication, less conflict, and better relationships.  Through the DISC Session, you will have the opportunity to discover, experience, and apply the four temperaments' model of human behavior in order to enhance and positively impact your effectiveness and communication as a leader.





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