Gloria Starr

Ms. Starr is fondly known as Lady Starr in diplomatic circles around the world. Ms. Gloria Starr is also Private Counsel to Royalty in the Middle and the Far East. 
Ms. Gloria Starr is recognized by the United States of America as a person of extraordinary talent and ability, Recipient of the Einstein Award of Excellence, Certified Knowledge Broker, Master NLP Trainer, and DiSC Certified People Profiler. She is ranked in the top 2% of consultants and in the Top 20 Communication Gurus in the World.

Gloria Starr has conducted training programs and seminars worldwide since 1983. She has Trained and Coached in 60+ countries and with 125+ nationalities.
Her Expertise is Executive Presence, Business Etiquette, Communication/People Skills, and Leadership Excellence.

Gloria Starr is:

○ Trusted Advisor

○ Global Transformational Corporate Trainer - Executive Coach

○ Recipient of the Einstein Award of Global Excellence

○ Certified Knowledge Broker, Master NLP Practitioner

○ People Profiler, Author of 12 Books

○ Ranked in the Top 2% of International Consultants


Training programs descriptions upon request.


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