Suzanne F. Stevens

The global pandemic has highlighted and expanded the social gaps that exist. Organizations small and large will need to re-imagine and re-energize their businesses to meet the social needs to benefit their colleagues, customers, and the community or beyond.

Research shows consumers are making more conscious buying decisions. Our interdependence calls on us to elevate society by embracing diversity and establishing inclusive cultures. Consumers are looking toward businesses to lead that charge. 

Suzanne F. Stevens, a founder of YouMeWe Social Impact Group, dynamically delivers thought-provoking and inspiring strategies of how people and organizations internationally re-imagined their situation and amplify their social impact through innovation, commerce, and collaboration. With interactive keynotes, the audience will be motivated to ask: "How do I make my contribution count for me, my organization, and my community?

Suzanne knows something about pivoting to make your contribution count. After 15 years of leading an international training company, focused on leadership, sales, presentation skills, and internal communication development, Suzanne and her husband did something bold; they sold all of their worldly belongings and set off with their backpacks to interview leaders and entrepreneurs in 21 countries. She brings their social transformational insights, her extensive research, and conscious leadership experience into every talk. 

Suzanne has spoken on five continents since 2000. She is a keynote speaker, moderator, trainer, host, author, social entrepreneur, and adventure traveler. Suzanne is the author of Make your contribution count for you, me, we, launched in 2020. 

Make your contribution count for you, me , we: An evolutionary journey inspired by the wisdom of pioneering African women

By Suzanne F. Stevens


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