Dr. Jamie Gruman

Dr. Jamie Gruman is a regular keynote speaker whose talks focus on how to build thriving workplaces. He has worked with Fortune 500 companies such as General Motors and PepsiCo, non-profits such as The Children’s Wish Foundation and the Lung Association, and public organizations including every level of government

His innovative talks build on the ideas he has published in cutting-edge books such as The Handbook of Employee Engagement, Advances in Positive Organizational Psychology, and The Palgrave Handbook of Workplace Well-being. He is lead editor of the book Applied Social Psychology which discusses how to use social psychology to address real-world challenges in every sphere of life. His latest book called Boost: The Science of Recharging Yourself in an Age of Unrelenting Demands explains how to we can use our leisure time to most effectively recharge our batteries.

He has been cited around the globe including by the BBC in the United Kingdom, the Deccan Chronicle in India, and The World Economic Forum in Switzerland. In the USA he has appeared in media outlets such as Time, Oprah, Fast Company, Forbes, and Inc magazines, NBC news, US News and World Report, The New York Times, and Business Insider. He also writes a regular blog for Psychology Today.

Dr. Gruman is a Full Professor in the Lang School of Business and Economics at the University of Guelph, one of Canada’s top comprehensive universities, and has previously worked at the University of Toronto, which consistently ranks as having one of the best business schools in the world. He is also the founding Chair of the Canadian Positive Psychology Association. Although he is a professor, the most common feedback he gets includes comments such as “You don’t speak like an academic!”, which he takes as a compliment.




Workplace Well-being

Positive Psychology

Employee Engagement

Managing the Virtual Workplace

Psychological Capital (hope, optimism, confidence, & resilience)

Recharging Your Batteries to Perform at Your Best



Boost: The Science of Recharging Yourself in an Age of Unrelenting Demands

By Dr. Jamie Gruman


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