Corina M. Walsh

Corina Walsh is a certified coach, author, and the CEO (Chief Engagement Officer) of Shift People Development Inc. Corina’s superpower is her ability to take complex leadership and management principles and make them easy to learn and master – empowering companies to shift performance and progress.

After a successful 12-year career in both the private and public sectors, Corina ventured out into the world of entrepreneurship. Thanks to her extensive experience, she can view the organizational challenges that most companies face from all viewpoints – those of the employees, managers, and owners. Corina empowers companies to unlearn ineffective management habits so they can build processes and habits that will enable them to meet the challenges of leading in the new world of work. 

With expertise in emotional intelligence and neuroscience, Corina’s keynotes, presentations, and interviews will help leaders understand how to leverage their emotions to improve personal and team performance. When managers and employees attend her interactive keynotes and sessions, they leave with the practical tools they need to transform their workplaces and make culture their competitive advantage. 

Corina is the author of The Engaged Employee Blueprint: Build a Workplace Culture Where Employees Thrive. She was a Top 50 Leader Under 40 for 2015 and YWCA Woman of Distinction in Business in 2018. Corina is a member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers.



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Radical (re)Engagement – Ignite Passion and Performance in Your Team with the Neuroscience of Engagement 

What do all great companies have in common? A highly engaged workforce.

Every employee starts a new job the same way - with enthusiasm and commitment. Many companies put a lot of focus on engagement in the onboarding days but are often not successful at maintaining engagement throughout the entire employee journey. Research tells us that job satisfaction begins to decrease just six months after beginning a new job or starting with a new employer!  

Radical (re)Engagement is a program to help company leaders understand what their employees really need to feel engaged. Leaders will learn how to use the neuroscience of engagement to (re)ignite the passion for work in both themselves and their teams. 


Navigating Difficult Conversations at Work 

Difficult conversations are inevitable yet often avoided due to uncertainty or a lack of confidence as to how to even begin the conversation. During this engaging, humorous session, participants will shift their mindset and learn how to address the “elephant in the room” to handle difficult conversations with ease.


Leading from the Inside: How Leaders Can Get Their EQ Advantage

What if the secret to effectively leading others lies in your ability to harness the power of your emotions? In this engaging keynote, leaders learn how to enhance leadership effectiveness by improving key emotional intelligence (EQ) skills and by learning about the impact that different leadership styles have on employee performance.


Gaining the ShE-Q Advantage – How Women Can Tap into Their Leadership Superpowers 

For women who aspire to a leadership role or are already in one, they will benefit from learning how to leverage emotional intelligence to unlock their leadership advantage and foster greater resilience. Rather than focusing on what women do not know about leadership, Corina will help women tap into the leadership superpowers they already have!


Emerging Leader Series

Front-line leaders will learn actionable skills and build positive leadership habits they can take back to work and implement immediately. 

  • How to Give Feedback That Actually Works 

  • Coaching Skills for Managers 

Inspiring Peak Performance in Employees by Managing Less, Not More

The Engaged Employee Blueprint: Build a Workplace Culture Where Employees Thrive

By Corina M. Walsh


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