Roger Grannis

With hilarious stories and practical takeaways, Roger Grannis will have your audience listening, laughing, and learning.

Roger has improved business performance at some of the biggest names in business: GE, Underwriters Laboratories, Synchrony, Thomson Reuters, Wells Fargo, Pepsi.

Prior to forming GrannisGroup, in 2004, Roger spent 17 years at Gartner, where he contributed to growing revenues from $22 million to $850 million by building Gartner Sales University. He was the host of the Gartner podcast, Talking Technology, and emceed panels with business leaders such as Steve Ballmer, then CEO of Microsoft.


Roger holds a BA in speech and psychology from Willamette University and did post-graduate work in theatre and creative writing at San Francisco State University. Roger is president of the National Speakers Association, New England Chapter. He is a family man and outdoorsman; Roger and his son have backpacked more than 1,000 miles together.




Strategic Sales Conversations

Selling has come a long way in the last 20 years. A firm handshake and a sincere smile are no longer enough. In today’s sophisticated selling environment, buyers are smarter than ever. Salespeople must lead meaningful business conversations, influence multiple decision-makers, and be equally adept at remote selling as they are face-to-face.

With an energizing blend of insight, inspiration, and humor, Strategic Sales Conversations teaches salespeople how stop pushing widgets and start selling solutions that solve real business problems.


What’s the Story?

What is the most effective form of human communication? Storytelling. What part of a conversation or presentation do people remember most? The stories.

In this engaging and entertaining keynote, audiences will learn the secrets to telling great stories and how to use them to be more influential, whether it's to make a sale, gain approval for a project, improve employee engagement, or get a seat at the executive table. Plus, the audience will experience plenty of laughter along the way.


Influence That Works

We are all in sales. Whether you are a business leader who needs to inspire, a manager who needs to gain approval, or a customer service representative who needs to persuade, Influence That Works teaches the keys to influencing others, including:


  • Building true connections
  • Engaging with authenticity
  • Gaining understanding
  • Finding commonalities
  • Tailoring communications


Selling to the Seller:  The How-to Guide to Training Salespeople

The greatest innovations and new products will fail if your sales force doesn’t understand them, embrace them, and sell them. 

In this session, your audience will learn the results of a comprehensive study conducted with the University of Northern Colorado that asked questions such as:

            1.  What are the most important things salespeople need to know to sell new products?

            2.  How should content be structured to maximize learning?

            3.  What training delivery methods yield the best results?

            4.  What are practical ways to make training sales friendly?

            5.  What are the best ways to engage salespeople and motivate them to learn?


Specifically, the study identifies the most effective training design and delivery methods for product leaders, marketers, and others responsible for training salespeople about new—and existing—offerings. Ultimately, by improving the product training process, salespeople will sell new offerings faster and more efficiently, and the risk of failed product launches will be greatly reduced.


Engineered to Sell

It’s not enough to engineer great products. Great products must be sold.    

And that means engineers must know how to influence, persuade, and gain approval every step of the way. In this practical and engaging program, engineers will learn the keys to getting people to say yes. 


By attending this session, engineers will be able to:

            1.  Ensure positive outcomes using a three-step influencing model

            2.  Improve conversations by customizing content for different communication styles

            3.  Make messages memorable using five rhetorical tools of persuasion


Present With Impact

With attention spans shorter than ever and remote work accelerating exponentially, presentation skills are no longer nice to have, they are a must-have. 

If your audience is ready to master the skill that Google considers essential for their associates, Present With Impact is the perfect program for your next event. It’s filled with fresh ideas and easy-to-implement templates that will help your audience feel more confident, be more influential, and deliver presentations that get results.


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