Theresa Syer

Theresa Syer is an expert in the field of Customer Experience Management. She is a consultant, keynote speaker, live and virtual trainer. She works with companies who want to create customer-centric cultures, build a reputation for service excellence and earn both customer and employee loyalty. 


Theresa is recognized for her vibrant, often humorous addresses, along with her contagious enthusiasm. Her unique and inspiring delivery style includes sharing ideas, processes and concepts for her audiences to put into immediate action. The Global Speaker Federation awarded Theresa with the distinguished CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) designation for speaking excellence. Less than 10% of the 7,000 membership hold this distinction.


Her impressive hospitality career spans more than 3 decades and includes senior leadership roles in sales, marketing and front-line service excellence operations. For the past 20 years she has been a successful entrepreneur and business leader. She is the founding partner of the Syer Hospitality Group Inc.; experts in Customer Experience Management. 


Her strategies and methodologies have helped her clients transform from product-centric businesses to customer-centric.


Programs with descriptions:


Supercharging Your Customer-Centric Culture in a Post-Covid Era

As we all know the world has changed dramatically due to the Corona Virus. There will be changes in your customer’s preferences, behaviours and expectations.  Employees will need to have the insight and ability to understand the changing dynamics. As leaders, you cannot leave this up to chance. You’ll need to focus on how your employees can deliver an outstanding customer experience, despite social distancing guidelines. 

Although your interactions with customers may be vastly different, the need to connect with your customers on an emotional level is more important now than ever before. 

We’ll share how you can surpass customer expectations; surprise them with unexpected and caring gestures. They’ll notice how their customer experience is vastly different from that of customer service in mainstream businesses. Your employees will understand how to put your customers at the epicentre of all interactions, providing a strong sense of value and appreciation for their choice to return to do business with you again.  In return, this will keep your customers loyal, inspire their advocacy and enhance their spending, at a time when your organization needs it most.


Learning Objectives From This High Energy Session: 

1. Understand that providing good customer service is no longer good enough; in order to earn a reputation for service excellence today, you’ll need to connect on an emotional level and deliver customer experiences. 

2. Identify your customer’s emotional motivators and learn ways to surpass their expectations. 

3. Learn what it takes to develop and sustain a culture that puts the customer at the centre of every interaction.


Leading Your Employees To Deliver Exceptional Customer Experiences


Leaders today face more challenges than ever before. To thrive in these rapidly changing times you need to focus on powerful personal growth, lifestyle balance and the leadership development. Learn to lead from the ‘heart’ with your experience, passion, purpose and vision. Explore how to think more effectively and how to act more decisively. People want to work in environments where expectations are clear, they feel valued, involved and where there is recognition for a job well done. You’ll learn to inspire others to give their best and develop their natural talents, while increasing their levels of performance excellence. When leading from the heart, you’ll inspire employees to do the same and deliver experiential levels of service to your valued customers.

In This High Energy Session You’ll Learn:

1.     How to motivate and inspire employees to feel truly engaged in their work

2.     How employees perceive their experience so you can surpass their expectations

3.     The strategy, tools and techniques, to leverage your employee engagement so they in turn will deliver exceptional customer experiences


Saving the Day (and customer loyalty) When Things Go Wrong


In business, it’s inevitable that something will eventually go wrong. Customers have different wants, needs and expectations.  Whether a misunderstanding, a miscommunication or a service breakdown; disappointment sets in. Understanding how to quickly and effectively diffuse and resolve the situation is instrumental in making customers feel valued and appreciated.

Knowing the strategies and solutions to handle any concern brought to your attention, will provide a mutually beneficial outcome and rekindling the customer relationship.


In This High Energy Session You’ll Learn:

  1. To understand the situation from  your customer’s perspective
  2. What to say to avoid confrontation and diffuse any negative emotions
  3. How to avoid similar incidents from happening again


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