David Glickman

David Glickman works with healthcare organizations that want to add a combination of valuable content and comic relief to their events in order to make them really fun and memorable.  

David has been a professional speaker and entertainer for over twenty years and has presented over 2000 programs.  Before transitioning from “show business” to “speech business,” he worked with everyone from Steve Martin to Ellen DeGeneres and appeared on “Evening At The Improv” and several other national television shows.  


In the late 1990’s, David moved full-time into professional speaking.  He specializes in customized workplace humor and is able to “find what’s funny” in the many healthcare organizations to whom he has spoken.  


In 2011, David received the Certified Speaking Professional designation.  This is the highest earned designation awarded by the National Speakers Association, achieved by less than 10% of professional speakers.  

In 2016, David was awarded the Council of Peers Award for Excellence (CPAE) and inducted into the Speaker Hall of Fame.  This is a lifetime award for speaking excellence and professionalism.  

David is also the author of Speaking of Funny: 77 Ways to Add Humor to Any Presentation.




Keynote Speech

A Dose of Healthcare Humor

The Perfect Prescription for Less Stress and More Success


Look around the average healthcare workplace.  Go ahead, we’ll wait.  You’ll see most healthcare professionals dealing with the stress of constant change, increased expectations, and having to do more with less.   That’s where A Dose of Healthcare Humor comes in!


In this hilarious keynote, David shows you how by simply making a slight shift in the way you approach these challenges, you’ll experience a profound new way of handling whatever obstacles you face as a healthcare professional….as well as the challenges you face outside of work. 


A Dose of Healthcare Humor is not so much a typical general session “keynote speech” as it is a full-blown high-energy one-man show.  It’s got observational humor, creative visuals & props, funny song parodies, and a big “rock and roll” finish.


One of the lessons of A Dose of Healthcare Humor is that Serious Does Not Cancel Fun.  And that same lesson should apply when selecting a Keynote Speaker for your event.


Yes, you want to share serious messages with your attendees…..but Serious Does Not Cancel Fun.  Serious information can still be presented in an entertaining way.  And David is the master of imparting valuable strategies to your healthcare professionals–strategies that can help lead to increased Productivity, Performance, and Passion.


Alternate Names for Keynote Speech

The “default” name for David’s keynote is A Dose of Healthcare Humor and that’s the title most organizations use.  But YOU don’t have to call it that!  We have created ten Alternate Names for this keynote, the most popular being Perspective is the Best Medicine.  Here are the names, all of which align perfectly with the keynote’s content:

– Perspective is the Best Medicine
– HIPAA Won’t Let Us Tell You the Name of This Speech
– A Booster Shot for Burnout

– “Why Can’t I Have A Call Button?”
– Finding What’s Funny In Healthcare
– Open Your Mouth and Say “Ha!”
– Healthcare Employment Enjoyment
– “Is It Hot In Here Or Is It Just Burnout?”
– A Job Well Done and a Job That’s Fun
– What’s So Funny About (Insert name of your group or specific kind of work here)?


After-Lunch or After-Dinner Program


Half-Hour Laugh Shower for Staff Power

A Slighter, Lighter Dose of Healthcare Humor


If you’re looking for a program that’s primarily entertainment, or shorter than a typical keynote, this is the one for you!  


And the program can certainly be longer or shorter than 30 minutes.  We just use “Half Hour” in the title because it rhymes!  (Although 30 minutes is the perfect length for a program that follows a meal.)


You’ve never seen a funnier way of looking at Medical Technology, HIPAA, Patient Relations, Managed Care, Medical Specialties, Healthcare Bureaucracy, the Pharmaceutical Industry, Joint Commission, Long-Term Care, HCAHPS, CMS, and much more!


None of those apply to you? No worries – David’s healthcare humor is always customized to your group’s specific work in the industry. No matter what area of healthcare your audience is in, David will find what’s funny in your world – and create a program that’s relevant (and hilarious) to you.


David Glickman is your Primary Laugh Provider who puts the med in comedy and the Comedy in Medicine.


Master of Ceremonies


Maximizing the ROI for Your Agenda

Ensuring Your Entire Event Is Presented Professionally, Punctually & Hilariously


David Glickman has more on-stage experience as a Master of Ceremonies than any other Keynote Speaker working today.


In his years of owning comedy clubs, he strategically positioned himself in the Emcee position.  This allowed him to control the flow of the program, complement the material of the other performers, adjust the energy level of the program as necessary, and ‘save’ the show if there were any comedy ‘disasters’.


He also used those years of stage time as Emcee to refine his skills and learn the art & science of the role. (And anyone who doesn’t believe that emceeing is both an art and a science hasn’t done it very much.)


When David transitioned from “show business” to “speech business” he was able to take those highly-developed skills as a Master of Ceremonies to the corporate stage.


Since that time, many meeting professionals have experienced the amazing value and benefits of having David serve both as a Keynote Speaker and as the Master of Ceremonies for the entire event. 


How David Can Help You As Your Emcee:

·       He is your event ‘safety net’ should anything go astray.  He remains in the room the entire time – ready to solve any problems or jump on stage to take over the reins.

·       He controls the flow of your agenda, facilitates all introductions and announcements, and keeps your event running smoothly.

·       He can interview your executives on stage, moderate panel discussions, and facilitate Q & A. 

·       He can work with your less-seasoned presenters to help them prepare and deliver their presentations more effectively.

·       He can immediately launch into another program if one of your other presenters goes short or is a no-show.

·       He can serve as a hilarious Auctioneer, should your event have any items to be auctioned off for a fund-raiser. 

·       He has also served as the meeting planner for events, conferences and conventions, for as many as 1,300 people – so he has much of the same knowledge as your Meeting Planner and can work easily with them.

·       He guarantees consistency for the agenda and hilarity throughout the entire event for the audience.


Breakout Session


Off The Top of My Head

Improvisation Exercises for Creativity & Thinking on Your Feet


In the same way that traditional exercise can hone your body’s muscles, there are exciting improvisation exercises that can hone your brain’s ‘muscles.’ These fun-filled exercises will increase your ability for Problem-Solving, Brainstorming, Quicker Decision-Making, 

Collaboration, Handling Risk and Sharpening Your Focus.


All participation in the improv games is strictly voluntary – attendees can “play” – or simply sit back and observe and learn.


Either way, the skills you learn in this Breakout Session will be invaluable for your success at both work and at home. It is a safe, judgment-free environment that just happens to be the most fun you’ll ever have while learning!

Speaking of Funny: 77 Ways to Add Humor to Any Presentation

By David Glickman


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