Eric Bloom

Eric Bloom is the Founder of, author of the book ''Office Influence: Get What You Want from The Mailroom to the Boardroom'', an Amazon bestselling author, Speaker, Trainer and Executive Coach.

Eric is also a former nationally syndicated columnist, TEDx speaker, and recognized thought leader on the use of influence in the workplace. 

He is also a Past President of National Speakers Association New England, a Certified Professional Speaker (CSP), and the author of various other books, including “Productivity Driven Success” and “Manager Mechanics: Tips and Advice for First Time Managers”. 

Prior to his current role, Eric was a senior executive at various firms including Fidelity Investments, and Independence Investments.



Programs/Areas of Expertise 


Using Influence: Get What You Want from the Mailroom to the Boardroom

Office Influence is the tip of the spear in all interpersonal communication activities, including negotiation, change, sales, leadership, conflict resolution and more. Negotiation is a highly interactive two-way type of the influence. Sales are influencing customers to buy your products and services. The list goes on and on.

This talk, based on Eric Bloom’s book “Office Influence: Get What You Want from the Mailroom to the Boardroom”, explains how to enhance your office influence through the process of professional growth and industry-leading concepts and strategies.


7 Ways to Enhance Your Influence in a Virtual Workplace

When working from home or the office, there are still expectations to be reached, goals to be achieved, deadlines to be met, and deliverables to be completed. Understanding how to maintain and expand your office influence will help you accomplish these important objectives. It will also enhance your current job performance, position you for promotion, and accelerate your future career advancement.

This talk describes seven influence strategies designed for a virtual world and will work equally as well when/if you return to the office.


Driving Revenue Using Influence-Based Thought Leadership Strategies

As your company’s senior executive, your influence within the organization is assured because of your position.  However, your use of influence-based strategies and techniques is far more crucial to your company’s success, growth, and profitability than those working within your organization.


Using Influence Strategies to Drive Organizational Change

Virtually every business initiative causes change. New processes change workflow, new technologies require new skills, Digital Transformation creates new business models, and organizational realignments modify internal reporting structures.

When implementing change, five key factors must be considered. They are Environment, Resources, Individuals, Culture and Actions (ERICA).

Implementing change is both organizational and personal. The use of a strong change management framework combined with the ability to influence those in power, those who must implement the change and those who must accept the change is an unbeatable combination.

This talk outlines what must take place for change to occur and how to help facilitate it, both individually and organizationally.


Using Influence Strategies to Maximize Project Success

Project of all types and all methodologies have one thing in common, project leaders must influence their team, stakeholders, recipients/users and others to move their thinking, actions and/or decisions in a direction that forwards project objectives. The infusing of influence-based concepts and techniques can greatly accelerate this process.

This talk describes how influence-based concepts and techniques can be used to reduce project risk, accelerate task completion, and acquire needed resources.


Office Influence: The Key Ingredient for CIOs to Get a Seat at the Strategy Table

Enhancing your influential presence gives you the organizational clout needed to get you a seat at the business strategy table. This influential presence, combined with an understanding of key influence concepts and techniques, allows you to maximize the value of IT to your organization, enhance your business impact, and accelerator your professional growth.


Office Influence - Get what you want, from the mailroom to the boardroom

By Eric Bloom


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