Keka DasGupta

TEDx speaker and thought-leader, Keka DasGupta has graced stages across Canada, the US and Europe, inspiring audiences both young and old, consistently receiving rave reviews.

On stage, she often starts her talks with one question: Have you ever met a brand with poor self-esteem?

No! In fact, the ad industry that creates brand love is worth $1.2 trillion.

Keka worked in that industry for 23-years, first as a PR/marketing professional and then as a C-suite advisor and entrepreneur. She has dedicated her entire working life to studying the emotional undercurrents that connect people to people and people to brands, and has incredibly, earned over 50 global and national awards.

Her clients have included such world-renowned brands such: Disney, Nike, IKEA, American Express, Schwarzkopf and Johnson & Johnson, to name a few.

Today, through her platform, “The Art of Life-ing” Keka works with pioneering business leaders and corporate companies, to increase workplace productivity and employee engagement through gratitude-centered leadership.

She also helps educators, students and parents in school communities implement lasting mental wellness and bullying-prevention programs that transform their social cultures.

Keka harnesses powerful branding principles to help people recognize and articulate their own personal value so they can give the best of them - to themselves and to others. This enables individuals to live and work with more positivity, esteem and purpose.

She has also served as an instructor at the Schulich Executive Education Centre (SEEC), Schulich School of Business, York University.

Check out Keka’s TEDx talk on the unexpected side effect of gifting gratitude, and get more "Art of Life-ing" on her YouTube channel of the same name.



  • Leadership development
  • Employee engagement and empowerment
  • Corporate culture development
  • Mental wellness and mindset: gratitude practices and bullying prevention
  • Women in business
  • PR/marketing and branding trends impacting social culture.
  • D&I - Breaking Unconscious Bias and Barriers: Creating D&I Stewards and Allyship at Work 
  • Breaking Unconscious Bias & Barriers (for Women Leaders): Conquering What We Didn’t  Know was Holding Us Back 
  •  Gratitude Mirrors (for business): Supercharge Employees with Gratitude-Centered Leadership
  •  Gratitude Mirrors (for schools): Mental Wellness and Bullying Prevention through Gratitude,  Empathy & Quiet Leadership 
  • Helping Children Manage Emotions: A Transformative Course for Parents and Educators (in  partnership with Trauma Specialist, Dr. Sajel Bellon)


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