Unprecedented Times Call For Exceptional Leadership… Now More than Ever.

As I work with leaders from organizations in the corporate world, small businesses, associations and all levels of government, what I consistently see is a collective desire to respond to on-going change and disruption with less struggle and anxiety. The COVID-19 pandemic has elevated their concerns as they scramble to adapt to the unexpected and unfamiliar new realities that have been thrust upon them. Specifically: How to keep themselves and their teams feeling positive about the future, how to take the lead when there is so much uncertainty and how to effectively manage and keep their teams engaged remotely.

What most people don’t know is that they already possess an innate capacity to rise to the current challenges, or any future challenge. They can tap into their resilience DNA to discover that they have moved through discomfort and uncertainty before, because these states of being are natural aspects of the peaks and valleys of life. It is possible find solutions to all the ambiguity by making one simple decision: To learn how to harness a resilient mindset.

Adversity, whether it comes in the form of a small hurdle or a large roadblock is a part of every aspect of our everyday lives. What would it be like if we reframed adversity and instead chose to see it as an opportunity? During this current pandemic, clients have also shared with me that the crisis has compelled them to get innovative in ways that they would never have considered otherwise.

Once they have been pushed out of our comfort zones, they have to then decide whether they are going to sink or swim. If you decide you are going to swim, here are three actionable steps that I have been teaching my clients. You can apply any or all of these right now.

The first proactive choice is to access the incredible technology that allows you to stay virtually connected to your teams. Another choice is to ensure that you are reading “good news” stories, literature or watching positive videos to keep your mind in a healthy state. Thirdly, the most powerful choice you can make is to focus on what you CAN control. You can choose to put your best foot forward, to make the best of your situation and help your team to do the same.

By practicing these steps you will be seen as a resilient role model…a leader who understands the value of meaningfully connecting with your team during a time of crisis, keeping them engaged and focused on what they can control, despite the uncertainty. The results are outstanding.

Practicing self-leadership is essential…now more than ever, for leaders to lead others through difficult times.


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