CEO Believes


Gwen Mdinaradze is a President and Chief Executive Officer of Speakers Alliance Canada.

After studying Management at Harvard Business School and Contract Law at Harvard Extension School, Gwen started her entrepreneurial career and has been successful in bringing prominent speakers for various corporate client engagements.

Gwen strongly believes that knowledge sharing is crucial in achieving success. The company’s success is determined by strong and trusted relationships among the speakers and the clients.





About Speakers Alliance Canada


Speakers Alliance Canada provides Consulting and Speaking services, worldwide.  

We proudly represent:

  • Ivy League University Professors
  • Certified Speaking Professionals
  • Hall of Fame Speakers
  • Business Consultants
  • Authors


Our selected speakers' subjects and types are wide-ranging such as Time Management/Happiness, Leadership, Change Management, Customer Service, HR, Marketing, Motivation, Mental Health, Humour and more.

We are honoured to be working with Financial and Educational Institutions, Medium and Large Organizations, Corporations, Non-Profit Organizations, Charities and more.

Speakers Alliance Canada's Team provides exceptional customer service with the primary focus to find the best-suited speaker for your next Virtual or In-person event. We help our clients to make the event day entertaining with a long-lasting impact. Our professional speakers educate and inspire the audience members, every single day.

We have been successful in bringing prominent speakers to a wide variety of audiences via exceptional Virtual Events, Training Sessions, Workshops, Conferences and other engagements.


Speakers Alliance Team provides Marketing Services to its Speakers and Clients.

With our collaborative partners worldwide, we offer Virtual Book Presentations/Selling, Website development and Graphic design, Social Media Management and Marketing Consultations at significantly low cost.


Speakers Alliance offers a Certified Virtual Facilitator's training session and issues a Certificate of Completion. The certification is an asset to professionals who are working remotely and would like to have a professionally built home office with deep knowledge of the successful and effective virtual event, meeting, and presentation facilitation. 



Team Members



Liza is a Business Development Manager. She manages and retains relationships with new and existing clients as well as our Professional Speakers and Business Consultants, worldwide. She is actively involved in the company's development side and brings innovative and cutting-edge initiatives to Speakers Alliance Canada.


Helen is a Marketing & Social Media Manager. She is responsible for planning, implementing, managing, and monitoring the company's social media strategy in order to increase brand awareness, improve marketing efforts and increase sales. She works closely with our Professional Speakers and Business Consultants, worldwide.  Helen helps them in creating and developing Marketing Portfolios, Social Media Content, Video Editing, and more.


Anastasia is a Sales & Marketing Manager.  She helps the team in Marketing initiatives, designs and implements strategic sales plans that expand the company's customer base and ensures its strong presence.


Anna is a Sales Associate. She works on the design and implementation of the company's sales initiatives.


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